The best coloring sheets delivered to your door.

Only $9.97/month and FREE shipping. A high quality coloring experience.

What is hue?

hue is a monthly subscription that ships 10 high quality coloring pages to your door each month. Illustrations are printed on a high quality uncoated card stock. Resistant to felt pen bleed through. 

We are huge fans of design, art, and illustration. While planning hue, we wanted to bring the highest quality illustrations and coloring experience to as many people as possible. Not the cheap coloring books where your felt pens bleed through, not the expensive coloring books that never lie flat enough for you to color close to the edge of the image, but an user friendly enjoyable coloring experience. 

Give it a try! See how incredible the pages really are!


" I just received my Hue subscription, and I love it! It's such a beautiful, well made book. "


" The quality of the book and the paper thickness is awesome. Spiral bound? Yes! "


" I have to say it's the best design I've seen! Nice, thick, detachable pages. Also was amazed at the handwritten card! U guys r Fantastic! "


" The cardstock the pics were printed on is nice. The spiral binding is nice. "